3 Ways to Face New Days

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It seemed fitting for the first post on this blog, to be about beginnings… We face them all the time, often with hope, occasionally with fear. And once in a while, we realize that they happened to us without us even knowing.

Fresh starts and changes can always be a good thing, it entirely depends on how we react and respond to them. When dealing with fear of change, the strongest tool we have is our sense of perspective. We tend to think too far into the future, trying to imagine or predict all of the possibilities ahead. The reality is, we can’t predict our own futures, so worrying about what might happen is completely futile.

Of course being well prepared is important, but that’s about practicality, not being negative. Being prepared still involves thinking positively, by assessing what a situation needs, avoiding pitfalls and providing ourselves with the components that will enhance the likelihood of success. Beyond that, any mental effort spent in worrying or focusing on worst case scenarios, is a 100% waste of time.

Success in any new venture or situation, happens when we move forward past any fear. Concentrating on what needs to be done, staying clearheaded and above all, thinking in the moment. We all know how crucial it is to be positive and to have belief in ourselves, but those things only work when we tell that nagging little voice of doubt to shut the hell up.

The easiest way to do that, is by a basic law of averages. In any given situation, we almost always have a 50/50 opportunity for success or failure. If we do the normal human thing of worrying about the 50% chance of failure, then it’s only logical to give equal time to thinking about the 50% chance of success.

Once that principal is well and truly understood, it’s amazing how much easier it is to actually be positive and motivated, with little or no extra mental effort involved. (Let’s face it; being positive and motivated is a million times more difficult than it sounds when things in life are daunting or difficult.)

When we’re facing a new beginning, the way to move forward to the best possible outcome is by doing these three simple things:

1 – Concentrating on our equal odds of success

2- Remembering that our nagging worries are not reality

3 – Overcoming  fear with common sense and logical thinking


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